Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Word of Thank you - From the The New Democratic Party of Canada

This is pure "class." Today on, Brian Topp -2006 and 2008 National Campaign Director
Co-chair, Election Planning Committee, The New Democratic Party of Canada
- left a "big thank you."

For those who don't know, Rabble is a national media forum that provides people the online space to talk about progressive topics of their choosing with moderation.

Anyways, today Brian Topp created a topic heading - A word of thanks

Possibly more rarely than is fair, I thought I would drop "babble", the folks who run it, and its members a thank you note.

My colleagues and I carefully read discussions on this board in the months leading up to the recent campaign and during it.

Hard to say where good ideas come from, but I'm sure we stole a few from here.

I well understand that there is a wide diversity of political views on this board. But let me say to all who defend our party in these discussions and to all who offer up ideas about how we could do better, that many of us were listening and learning (and still are).

(Like, for example, learning to catch all the nuances in this post!!)

All the best,
Brian Topp

(2006 and 2008 National Campaign Director
Co-chair, Election Planning Committee
The New Democratic Party of Canada)

[ 30 October 2008: Message edited by: Brian Topp ]

Whether on progressive bloggers or at, commenters often lament that parties often appear disconnected from the grassroots or just not listening and learning. Today, the leadership of the NDP let "babblers" know that their meanderings and suggestions were welcomed and incorporated.

Although rabble is open to anybody who wishes to participate it is decidedly progressive and cuts no slack to trollers.

This is what Duncan Cameron posted in response to the NDP team thank you:
In my lifetime, rabble is the only national public media place I've seen which is NDP friendly. The credit goes to the babblers who joined the site and gave the discussion boards the tone and orientation it has taken: pro-NDP. It was never an editorial decision, though the NDP gets a fair shake editorially, which is also unique among mainstream media.
Once again, thank you to the 2008 Election Planning Committee of The New Democratic Party of Canada, for running the best campaign, running to win, and making me a proud New Democrat. And thank you for listening to the grassroots!

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