Monday, September 29, 2008

Strategic Voting is just Plain "Impractical" - There is A Strong Alternative

Once again, the "strategic voting machine" gears itself up for another federal election - where this time - SURPRISE - the only alternative is to vote Liberal to stop the Harper Agenda.

The latest kid on the block is Vote for Environment, where it advocates - surprise - vote for a liberal minority government, with Bloc, New Democrats, and one Green becoming de facto liberal cheerleaders. It says that its site is very sophisticated and based on science. It pretends to be doing it for a noble cause, but it presumes - wrongly - that a liberal minority government would be good for the environment.

The Liberal Record in and out of power

  • Is the same liberal party who signed Kyoto but let greenhouse gas emissions grow by 24% under their watch for 12 years. Dion was the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources under the Martin Liberal government and "did not get it done".
  • Is the same liberal party that backed Harper's agenda of ending Canada's involvement in Kyoto. Liberals helped by: Abstaining (24 October 2007).
  • This same liberal party helped the Harper’s agenda stay in power by defeating a NDP non-confidence motion criticizing the Conservatives for rejecting an all-party bill that environmental groups called the "breakthrough bill" to tackle climate change. Liberals helped by: Abstaining (10 March 2008).
  • Anyway, the Dion Liberals have already given the "Green Shift" the "red shaft" and shuffled it off.

The vote for the environment site is listed with Elections Canada as a Third Party site and the Financial Agent is Kevin Grandia, who has been responsible for managing many of B.C. Liberal/Socred Premier Gordon Campbell's centre-stage announcements. Before that, Grandia was LIBERAL Richmond MP Raymond Chan's former constituency assistant.

Yet it has "supposed" progressive cheerleaders here and here, and more cautiously limited strategic voting here (I will get back to Dobbin in a heartbeat).

What is it about supposed progressive writers who make them lose their heads and hearts during elections, and forget their alternative roots?

Tell me that Nelson Mandela would have settled for that!

They need reminding on why Strategic voting: it's just plain nonsense

Throughout Canadian history voting NDP has never split the progressive vote. Since 1962, the Liberal Party has governed Canada for 34 of 43 years even though 15-20 per cent of Canadians during any given election voted NDP . With progressive voters voting Liberal over the past 12 years to stop the “threat” of the Right, what you instead got was a weakened NDP and a Liberal government that was more conservative than Brian Mulroney - circa 2005.


We end up with Strategy scramble.

It undermines progressive results in ridings that were most likely to vote against the Harper conservatives,

where a real Eco crusader ends up facing an uphill run as Con-fearing votes shore up B-team Lib


Leapfrogging over the incumbent candidate or the actual progressive party that has a real chance of unseating a Con based on polling or past voter behaviour.

Which brings me back to Dobbin.

"You don’t have to change people’s values if you can convince them their values are impractical"

Polling data indicate ordinary Canadians support progressive government but are resigned to the more conservative political and economic agenda favoured by elites - in the very limited role of government. Meanwhile most Canadians stick tenaciously to the view that government can be and should be a force for good. They are more progressive in their attitudes.

When asking Canadians what goal they would pursue for Canada if they were prime minister. They responded with these value choices:

* Best quality of life in the world: 66 per cent.

* Best health-care system in the world: 64 per cent.

* Lowest incidence of child poverty in the world: 62 per cent.

* Best-educated population in the world: 57 per cent.

And yet, supposed progressive authors and strategic voting websites are once again telling us to vote strategically” for liberals. "There is no alternative". TINA rules again. Our natural yearning is “impractical”.

It explains why liberal cheerleaders are pushing it and New Democratic progressives not so much. Let's not buy into the purposeful manipulative and misinformation provided by MSM and those strategic voting sites - it's the same old, same old.

We will never get the actual progressive government we yearn for, if we are convinced, once again, that our CHOICES are "impractical" and buy into the TINA mentality.


It's a great way of ensuring the New Democrats never become a contender for power

"The Kind of Canada We Want"

The NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLATFORM 2008 meets those value choices wholeheartedly. It is those values that Canadians continue to yearn for in government and in leadership.

There is an alternative

Jack Layton is the strong leadership we need: A prime minister who will put our families and communities first, for a change.

That's why I am strategically voting for - Layton and the New Democrats -

TINA for me!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

peace, welfare and good government

John Ralston Saul, philosopher and prolific writer in his latest book, A Fair Country, Telling Truths about Canada (Viking), will be released in time for the Oct. 14 election.

To be blunt, Saul questions - What's wrong with Canada – why has it not reached its full potential, under either the Liberals or the Conservatives?

Good question

Saul asks
  • Why is it that Canadians "imagine ourselves playing particular roles at home and abroad, yet rarely play them?"
  • Why do we allow more foreign ownership than any other democracy, thereby losing control of such key sectors as the steel industry?
  • Why do we have more trade barriers between provinces than with the U.S. and the rest of the world?
  • Why are more than 4 million Canadians without a family doctor, the emergency wards overwhelmed, and waiting times for essential surgery unacceptably long?
  • Why do we allow our school boards to sell junk food in return for a few corporate dollars, even though youth obesity will cost us all a lot more in health dollars in the long run?
  • Why have 5 million Canadians fallen below the poverty line and 750,000 are dependant on food banks, 40 per cent of them children, and nearly 70,000 Torontonians are waiting for affordable housing?
Canada is in trouble because it has been untethered from its aboriginal moorings. It pretends to be what it is not. It is not European or American.
How we
imagine ourselves, how we govern, how we live together, how we treat one another when we are not being stupid is deeply aboriginal

We are

a Métis civilization. What we are today is inspired as much by four centuries of life with the indigenous civilizations as by four centuries of immigration."

Feeling adrift today
as we refuse to accept who we were and still are
It is our aboriginal roots
grounded in harmony, balanced relationships, an inclusive circle, and an appropriate equilibrium between peoples and the land that explain Canada's invention of peacekeeping, the pioneering environmental efforts of Greenpeace, Maurice Strong and David Suzuki, and multiculturalism.
We need to see the aboriginal nature of Canadian society
to normalize, to internalize consciously – the First Nations as the senior founding pillar of our civilization.
Doing so will
give us the strength to transform our ruling elites
Who suffer from their colonial insecurity, an inferiority complex. Whether fixated on "the Empire" of old (London-Paris) or new (Washington), they keep us tied to our colonial mentality, we remain on "the Empire,"thus Canada acts like an too insignificant a player in the world.

We need to First

see the native as a normal person in his or her own right, settle land claims and help stabilize aboriginal communities
come to terms with our identity, develop enough self-confidence to eviscerate our "colonial mentality"
get on with life
A new kind of strong leadership - Jack Layton and New Democrats
One that puts First
Justice for First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, and honours our obligations to First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities
Will END our
"colonial mentality" of the Conservative and Liberal ruling elites

Our identity as a nation of peace, welfare and good government

Jack Layton's New Democrats putting All families First

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dust off that liberal Redbook - circa 1993

Dion urged to use Liberal strategy of the past

I sure do hope they change mid-stream to the winning strategy of "jobs, jobs, jobs". I'll be dusting off my personal copy of liberal redbook circa 1993. Can we talk about national childcare?

Oh, and let's talk about that promise of rejigging NAFTA.

Oh, and jobs, jobs, jobs - well it didn't happen - nope not for the first 5 years - thanks to the Bank of Canada's mandate to try to get 1% inflation and dropping any concern for employment.

So please, oh please, Liberals please use the template for jobs, jobs, jobs. That liberal campaign was the classic

Strategy of Liberals TALKING PROGRESSIVE, but WALKING ON THE RIGHT SIDE once elected.

Bobbie Rae will have good memory recall, as he was Premier of Ontario.

And again, we can look to history for what government in power who was the first to get out of debt deficit.

Listen up LADIES. It was the Saskatchewan Romanow New Democrat govt which was the FIRST – either provincially and federally.

So please liberals - Run on that winning strategy. Maude Barlow will love it, being the author of

Straight through the Heart - How the Liberals Abandoned the Just Society

Maude Barlow and Bruce Campbell paint a deliberately horrifying picture of life after the dismantling of political and social institutions, a policy launched a decade ago by the former Conservative government of Brian Mulroney and accelerated under Jean Chrétien's Liberals. In the authors' vision, greedy transnational corporations run roughshod over an impoverished Canada and the eviscerated political system that once shielded it. The Canada of Barlow and Campbell is a Canada that only the most heartless of fat cats could love: a country of food banks and relief camps, ruled at the whim of an entrenched business elite. "Corporate interests have captured the political agenda," warn the authors. "They have put government and its citizens on trial."


the book argues that present-day Liberals, steered by their pro-business wing, are busy ripping Ottawa's covenant with the nation asunder, despite promises to the contrary during the 1993 election campaign. "We keep being told that Canada is going through a bad time, and that if we are patient all will soon be well," Barlow and Campbell write. "Let us confront that corporate lie: it is a matter of ideology, a clash of values, a contest of interests."

Maude, Maude where are you? Can you start that think twice coalition? Can you do some book readings? We are back to 1993.

Yes, please run on jobs, jobs, jobs - BIGGEST LIBERAL SNOW JOB ON THE ELECTORATE.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mice stealing the cheese as Cats fight

For your easy listening enjoyment

So I have seen liberal supporting posters here and there, lamenting the dud of the Dion Liberal campaign and the illusion team. Now Dion is picking up on their hissing in the press, blaming once again, the New Democrats and Layton for their crappy campaign.

Once again, trotting out their favourite Liberal myth. Layton and the New Democrats are to blame for liber
al election losses. Listen up ladies, the voters spoke to you.

Likewise, New Democrats didn't make the Dion Liberals ABSTAIN .

Priceless, but I digress.

While you were cutting and hiding for the past two years, and NOT acting like the official opposition, there was a party standing up against the Harper conservatives. Yap those mice were stealing the cheese - ooh, too harsh you say?

Listen up folks - it's 2008, WE ARE IN AN ELECTION, don't you know. It’s time to get over yourselves.

But while the MICE have been stealing the cheese and Canadians Ponder NDP as Official Opposition, where

Many adults in Canada would be satisfied with the New Democratic Party (NDP) becoming the largest opposition party in the country, according to a poll by Angus Reid Strategies. 62 per cent of respondents think the NDP would do a good job as the official opposition in Ottawa.

Some cats, well, they just love to go out and fight.

In TorStar , Ms.Diebel (who is becoming a liberal grumpy) reports in Stumbling campaign angers Liberal insiders that
It's the children's crusade," mocks a veteran Liberal of a campaign he says failed to do serious "outreach" to Liberals excluded after Dion won the 2006 leadership. That campaign is now paying the price as the Liberals trail in opinion polls and face the prospect of a Tory majority after the Oct. 14 election.

And my fav

Things are so bad in Liberal circles, a story making the rounds describes a policy meeting in which Dion insisted on doing things his way because, "I was elected to lead the people of this party to leave a better plane." (music please!)

"No," said Bob Rae. "You were elected because you're not me and you're not Michael Ignatieff.
Leaving aside these illusions of grandeur all around,

It appears that the Dion/Mae Red/Green gon
g show (you too can be a Green name-on-the-ballot-only) is being run "in coalition" by a "merry bunch of amateurs" - ALL AROUND.

And Bobby Rae, thanks for the great quote.Glad you joined them.

I love cat fights.

Monday, September 15, 2008

In-name-only Green Candidates wanted - NOW!

My buddy Scott over at wanted to help out the Greens with a big shout for Candidates - no work required - in name only for ballot option.

Yes, you too can run in the 2008 federal election - add to your CV, impress your friends and neighbours. exclusive: Green Party desperate to find candidates

by Scott Piatkowski

One of the key aspects of the Green Party’s claim to be a national party (deserving of the same media attention as the big four) is that — at least since 2004 — they run a candidate in every riding across the country.

Notwithstanding the fact that they’re sitting out this campaign in ridings held by Stephane Dion (the infamous “leaders’ courtesy arrangement”) and Bill Casey (who the Greens insist is one of them, despite evidence to the contrary and his own protestations that he wants nothing to do with them), the Greens were expected to do so again.

However, from the “don’t send it by e-mail if you don’t want it to be forwarded” department, comes this missive from the Green Party’s Director of Organizing, Sharon Labchuk. As of September 1, the party was in a last-minute scramble to find candidates — any candidates — in nearly half of Canada’s 308 ridings. This kind of ”organizing strategy” doesn’t really have the mark of credible national party, does it?

From: gpc-ridings@googlegroups.comon behalf of Sharon Labchuk
Sent: Mon 9/1/2008 5:44 PM
To: gpc-members
Subject: [GPC-RIDINGS] URGENT: help find GPC candidates


Okay everybody, time to pitch in. We need to get our candidates in place this week. With the announcement about our first Green MP, it should be a whole lot easier to find people who would love to run in the most exciting election we’ll have had to date.

Think about who you know in the ridings listed below and send us names and ridings of people you think would be good Green MPs, even if you have no contact info. Could be your mother, your neighbour or someone you’ve seen in the newspaper. We’ll take it.

We’re interested in more women and other people not as well represented as they could be: aboriginal persons, persons of colour, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons.

Send info to our regional organizers - their contacts are here

If we all pitch in we can get our candidates in place now and have more time to help them prepare campaigns.

So that everyone in Canada has the opportunity to vote Green, we’ll also take names of people willing to just put their names on the ballot in the event we do not find enough candidates.

Much appreciated

Sharon Labchuk
Director of Organizing


So if you go to the link above, at Scott's blog on rabble, you too can see, if your riding, is still in need of a Green Candidate, in-name-on-the- ballot only - no work required!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dion will backup EMay - leader's debate

Some argued, like Buckdog, that May should not be invited to the debates because she would serve as Dion's back-up, effectively giving the Liberal Party two debaters.

Today, May put this nasty rumour to rest and set the record straight: Dion will be May's backup in the English debate. May says she can do Dion's job of getting people to vote Liberal better than Dion can.

Who would have thought that?

Canadian Press

In an interview Sunday on CTV's Question Period, Green Leader Elizabeth May also alluded to Dion's linguistic obstacle, saying her presence in next month's leaders' debates may actually benefit Dion because she will have an easier time explaining the Green Shift to Canadians.

"Since it's our plan, the Green Shift plan, I can explain it well," May said. "I think the fact that I can explain it may be useful for Canadians in making up their minds on how to vote."

In less than a week, May is slapping those that supported her taking part in the face.

NDP Left: Why NDP; Why Socialist Part I: Why NDP?

NDP Left: Why NDP; Why Socialist Part I: Why NDP?

Michael Laxer wrote the most powerful piece on why - strategically - the only alternative is to vote New Democrat.

I am a proud New Democrat - Michael you made me burst with with pride - thank you.