Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Word of Thank you - From the The New Democratic Party of Canada

This is pure "class." Today on, Brian Topp -2006 and 2008 National Campaign Director
Co-chair, Election Planning Committee, The New Democratic Party of Canada
- left a "big thank you."

For those who don't know, Rabble is a national media forum that provides people the online space to talk about progressive topics of their choosing with moderation.

Anyways, today Brian Topp created a topic heading - A word of thanks

Possibly more rarely than is fair, I thought I would drop "babble", the folks who run it, and its members a thank you note.

My colleagues and I carefully read discussions on this board in the months leading up to the recent campaign and during it.

Hard to say where good ideas come from, but I'm sure we stole a few from here.

I well understand that there is a wide diversity of political views on this board. But let me say to all who defend our party in these discussions and to all who offer up ideas about how we could do better, that many of us were listening and learning (and still are).

(Like, for example, learning to catch all the nuances in this post!!)

All the best,
Brian Topp

(2006 and 2008 National Campaign Director
Co-chair, Election Planning Committee
The New Democratic Party of Canada)

[ 30 October 2008: Message edited by: Brian Topp ]

Whether on progressive bloggers or at, commenters often lament that parties often appear disconnected from the grassroots or just not listening and learning. Today, the leadership of the NDP let "babblers" know that their meanderings and suggestions were welcomed and incorporated.

Although rabble is open to anybody who wishes to participate it is decidedly progressive and cuts no slack to trollers.

This is what Duncan Cameron posted in response to the NDP team thank you:
In my lifetime, rabble is the only national public media place I've seen which is NDP friendly. The credit goes to the babblers who joined the site and gave the discussion boards the tone and orientation it has taken: pro-NDP. It was never an editorial decision, though the NDP gets a fair shake editorially, which is also unique among mainstream media.
Once again, thank you to the 2008 Election Planning Committee of The New Democratic Party of Canada, for running the best campaign, running to win, and making me a proud New Democrat. And thank you for listening to the grassroots!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Debate: Candidates for Ontario NDP Leader

Saturday, Nov. 1, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. OISE Auditorium, Toronto, ON main floor

Debate of the Candidates for Ontario NDP Leader

* open to all NDP members, the general public and the media

Gilles Bisson, MPP Timmins-James Bay
Andrea Horwath, MPP Hamilton Centre
Michael Prue, MPP, Beaches-East York
Peter Tabuns, MPP, Toronto-Danforth


Opening statements from each candidate, questions to candidates from our panel

Cathy Crowe
  • Street nurse, leading anti-poverty activist and author of "Dying for a Home"
Jan Johnstone
  • School trustee with Bluewater DSB, and Vice-Chair, Western Region, Ontario PublicSchool Board Association
Barry Weisleder
NDP Socialist Caucus co-chair

Followed up with open questions from the audience to candidates and a concluding statement from each candidate.

6 p.m. Social gathering at Fox and Fiddle pub, 180 Bloor St. W., 1 block west of OISE

For more information, call: 416 - 535-8779
OR visit the Socialist Caucus web site:

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Political compass - where does your party stand?

This week some folks in the blogasphere and on rabble have been playing around with their political compass and where they stand. At rabble one poster thought it would be more enlightening and revealing to put up where the political parties were positioned, based on their election platforms. But what about their policy positions taken through their actual actions in the political arena - the House of Commons? Where do they actually stand when the "rubber hits the mat" so to speak?

Posted here, I believe that it adds an important dimension to the debate. Do the parties we support actually represent our beliefs or values when compared to their actual policies or positions taken during the Canadian general election 2008? What about when they act on our behalf while in government or in opposition?

As stated here:
The Conservative Party's move further towards the Bush-Reagan mix of free market economics with social conservatism makes the somewhat mercurial Liberals look more moderate, despite their own rightward drift. An emphasis on environmental issues has helped the Liberals downplay deep differences within the party on other key issues. The Greens, more fiscally conservative than most of their sister parties, also harbour significant left-right differences within their ranks. Similarly Bloc Québécois is united in its core cause, but considerably divided in other policy areas. In provinces where the NDP has governed in recent years, social spending cutbacks and other nods towards neoliberalism place the party today closer to where the Liberals were two decades ago.

Incidentally, my positioning is thusly placed more economically left and libertarian to the NDP.

RESULTS: Economic Left/Right: -9.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.69

Take the test
, and see where you sit on the chart. We'll see where everyone stands in relation to the political party they support. If you want to play, just leave your result (the economic/social numbers) in the comments section.

H/T to Mojoroad1 over at Rabble for creating the political parties "political compass"

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Naked power for power's sake - Liberal "warroom legacy"

Originally posted by RonaldReagan:

As a Liberal, who is pretty involved within the party, here's my view:

"It wasn't all bad for us. We have prevented Harper from getting a Majority, gained support in the last few weeks, and our war room destroyed NDPer after NDPers political careers who were forced to resign. This was the only chink in their armour this entire campaign, and was enough to buckle them. We still know how to campaign, how to win, and how to kick ass in Canadian politics. We [l]earned from James Carville in '97 and Warren Kinsella in 2000 and Keith Davey in the Trudeau Years...

It's in our legacy...."


What a wonderful legacy it is too! Admitting the only reason why the NDP may not do as well as it should because of

Liberal lying and smears originating out of its "war room"?


Liberals don't give a FIG at all about Canadians and only care about power


Harper did it to himself, AND

Under Layton's "strong" leadership the NDP stood up and fought Harper daily in on the election stump.


Desperate LIBERALS who spent their time BEGGING for votes!

~The Liberals Party deserves what is coming to them~

Now and next election (if they don't destroy themselves through infighting)

Canadian voters will show you the door again!

Thank goodness I am stickin' with Layton and Tommy Douglas' New Democratic Party

~Now there's a legacy to be proud of!~
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Letter writer in Torstar who understands why strategic voting is just nonsense.

Civics 101 on election day
October 14, 2008

A brief civics lesson for election day:

1. It is a fallacy to argue that a vote cast for a candidate who loses is a wasted vote. The only wasted vote is the vote that is not cast at all. Everyone should cast a vote for the candidate of his or her choice regardless of perceived odds.

2. Nor is it true that a person who votes for a losing candidate is not represented by the winner. An elected member represents everybody in his/her riding, whether any particular individual voted for him/her or not.

3. "Strategic voting" is a myth. Such a system would only work if all voters met openly in a deliberative body to determine their will (the way Parliament itself makes decisions, for example). The secret ballot eliminates the operation of any strategy. The voter should not behave as if he/she is part of a comprehensive plan.

4. Polls are meaningless. That is, unless they are restricted to a single riding. Combining results across ridings to form a "national poll" is statistically irrelevant since it has nothing to do with the way votes are actually tallied.

5. The electorate is not a homogenous mass. It is composed of individuals each of whom has opinions and the law-protected right to express those opinions at the ballot box.

6. Elections are not a nuisance. They are the bulwark and foundation of our freedom. There are countries where people would kill to have an elective system like ours. In fact they have. And they in turn have been killed in a futile attempt to prevent it.

Michael Shiner, Whitby (thank you for saying it right)

« Many Canadians believe voting for an alternate party is a "lost vote," because alternate parties will not win. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact votes are lost when they're cast for people other than your first choice. »

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Mouseland - There is a better Alternative

Message to all people of Canada - let's elect Mice on October 14th.

~You can lock up a mouse or man but you can't lock up an idea~ Tommy Douglas, voted CBC's Greatest Canadian

Tommy Douglas' words have as much life and meaning today as when he first spoke them.

For a better alternative let's elect Layton New Democrats on October 14th

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dion will not quit - Bob Rae getting his knife out


Big time Liberal Bob Rae was up to more than giving "thanks" this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend (just one more sleep Bobby!).

Bob Rae out to carve up the Liberal carcass before it's cold

A very reliable source said Bob Rae was calling Liberal MP's over the long weekend asking for their support for his leadership candidacy after Liberals lose the election tomorrow.

WOW! The election day turkey hasn't even been served, and Bob's already out trying to carve off more than his fair share of the Liberal carcass of a party - what a turkey!

Makes all the more reason for Canadians to strategically vote Layton New Democrats on October 14th.

Liberals will be too busy "eating themselves."

Têtes à claques VS Stephen

Say NO to deep integration! With Harper, there is no Canada, only America.

For keeping Canada sovereign and separate from the US – vote NDP.

Strategically Voting Layton NDP - Only turkey still a-gobbling

People, pundits, and parties keep arguing over which pollster is the most accurate. Until this election of 2008, the Liberals always used to claim it was Nanos. No wonder you don't see the Liberal Star quoting NANOS these days. along with the Liberal party and their partisans.

They'll probably change their minds after reading THOSE NDP numbers below and particularly in Ontario - the perfect storm.
In battleground Ontario the Tories and Liberals remain in a tight race with only two points separating them in our latest tracking (Conservatives - 34% ; Liberals - 32%) with the NDP trending up to one in four (26%) in the province.

Thing is, all the pollsters show pretty much the same trend.


Ekos Start Now Net

Con 38 34 -4
Lib 26 26 --
New Dem 15 19 +4
Green 11 11 --



Con 41 35 -6
Lib 26 26 --
New Dem 14 18 +4
Green 9 9 --



Con 37 33 -4
Lib 32 27 -5
New Dem 13 22 +9
Green 9 9 __


Conservatives are down, the Greens are flat, the Liberals are flat at best (or possibly down), and New Democrats are UP.
Only New Democrats are advancing while the other parties are staying flat or decreasing. Sure explains why Liberals (along with Ms. May's sideswipes) are desperately screaming - ATTACK JACK NOW!
But you don't know Jack - just ask Ed (whose back).

NDP are up anywhere from +4 to +9 from the last election, just depending on the polling firm. And we are the only ones still advancing. Rock on Jack!

I would bet we are up plus 10-12%. Remember Nanos was low balling the NDP at the start of the election, although having us higher now than the others. I'm lovin it!


FOR LAYTON'S NEW DEMOCRATS AS THE BETTER ALTERNATIVE - ONLY PARTY with proven track record in standing up to Harper!

~only strategic choice on October 14th - New Democrats~

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Layton is a "class" Act

It's good when other political leaders speak out on this issue and come to Dion's defence. There comes a point when one has to stand up to the bully.
For goodness sake, let's try and keep focused on the issues, and not on absurd missteps like this - Harper shows no class.

During a radio interview in Montreal Friday, Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles
Duceppe called Mr. Harper's comments a “low blow” that only serves to illustrate
the “double standard” that endures when it comes to Canada's official languages.

Mr. Duceppe says Canadians demand that French political leaders speak English
fluently, but that English-speaking leaders can get away with mangling French.

"Nowadays, there is more pressure on Francophones to speak English well
than there is on Anglophones to speak French well. I think there is a double
standard. That being said, I believe that yesterday he had understood the
question correctly, that it wasn't a language issue but a content issue. He
didn't know what to say. And that is a whole other problem," Mr. Duceppe said.

NDP Leader Jack Layton also took a moment during a rally in Toronto on Friday to defend Mr. Dion.
“I suppose if I were someone who could honestly say I have never had trouble
with a question, I might be able to make some kind of remark about it,” said Mr.
“This has been a long campaign, people are tired and questions are
coming at you…And you know, my problem with Mr. Dion is his platform and his
record of propping up Mr. Harper. I've got a big problem with that. I don't have
any problem with some question that he struggled with because I've struggled
with questions.”

Both Layton and Duceppe took the high road - diplomacy at its best!
And good character to boot! Thank you!

- New Democratic Leader - Layton - AND - Bloc leader - Duceppe - SHOWED A CLASS ACT. SHOWING CANADIAN LEADERSHIP AT ITS BEST.

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Vote to Retire Liberal Larry Di Ianni again in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek

Liberal candidate Larry Di lanni is trying to get himself elected - again - this time as a Liberal MP.

But old indiscretions still haunt Di Ianni
As Hamilton's ex-mayor Larry Di Ianni has a criminal rap sheet.
In 2006, Di lanni pleaded guilty to six charges of election fundraising violations after illegally accepting money for his 2003 mayorial campaign.
An additional 35 charges against Di Ianni were dropped.
A lawyer hired by the city to prosecute the case withdrew the 35 other charges to avoid an expensive trial and because Di Ianni had accepted responsibility.
In pleading guilty, Di Ianni agreed to donate $4,500 to charity and write an essay for a Canadian magazine about municipal issues to help others learn from his mistakes.
Di lanni is believed to be the "first public official" to be found GUILTY of violating the Municipal Elections Act, which regulates election fundraising in Ontario.
Now I know Liberals like to have "star" candidates with lots of "name recognition." But who wants a candidate with this kind of "claim to fame" - 1st VIOLATOR under the Municipal Elections Act. No kidding?
Di lanni brought public shame to Hamilton area, and now you want that light - AGAIN - shone nationally? Remember, 2006 wasn't a very good year for liberals, what with Liberal corruption charges. I guess the liberals just don't learn.

Are Liberals that desperate?
What voters would elect a candidate with that kind of public record in office. Moreover, and put their trust and faith in someone, who claims that these charges were "just accounting oversights". Righty!

A local survey done recently shows that the voting public has not forgotten the past. This only happen in 2006.
More than 44% of those who answered had a negative response to Di Ianni.
By comparison, the survey indicated 52% positive response for NDP incumbent Wayne Marston.
The only ethical response on Tuesday, October 14th, is to re-elect Wayne Marston, New Democrat for good-clean-government.

AND PERMANENTLY KEEP Di lanni away from the "public purse."

Thursday, October 09, 2008


According to a poll was conducted for The Globe and Mail and Montreal's La Presse over the five days since the debates, it shows overall support dropping for the Conservatives and the Liberals since last month, with the other parties picking up small gains.
No surprise there when one considers that the regressive policies of both Conservatives and Liberals are damaged goods and directly responsible for Canada going down the same path of the world wide recession/depression.
Caplan rejoins with Simpson in How Dion can build the Momentum with cravat: "If the Conservatives and Mr. Harper haven't been forgiven their transgressions as financial panic sweeps the world, neither has the Liberals' original responsibility for this huge mess been forgotten."


  • three terms of Chretien-Martin unleashing neo-liberalism on the land, deregulating and slashing social and infrastructure programs, that has landed us, too, on the worldwide road to recession.
  • biggest swings coming the the way of New Democrat Leader Jack Layton.
  • Quebeckers declared Mr. Layton the runaway winner of the English debate
  • In Quebec, Mr. Layton who won that category entirely, edging out Mr. Harper.
  • NDP Leader Jack Layton had the best favourable ratings by far in this poll. In B.C., it was 62 per cent, with an impressive 70 per cent in Ontario and 71 per cent in Quebec
  • NANOS: October 8th, Con - 33% (-1%), Lib - 29% (-2%), NDP - 20% (+2%), BQ - 11% (N/C), G - 7% (+1%)
DOVETAILING WITH THESE GUYS & GALSJack Layton makes me proud to be a Canadian and a New Democrat. Watching Layton go toe to toe with Harper and Dion, never wavering from real progressive politics, shows he not only has economically savvy, but possesses integrity and empathy in spades.

Only Layton is up for the job of Prime Minister. Canadians have spoken. No one can take that away.

Layton's "presence" on the political stage has shown he is a strong effective leader.
Make no mistake and without debate, Layton won the debate in the hearts and minds of Canadians who would be the


A proud Canadian and social democrat - you ro
ck Jack!
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Don't touch the stash little potty mouth Bobby

Little potty mouth Bobby Rae sent out some junk mail about the Stash
Dear XXXX,

Jack Layton says he wants to be Prime Minister. He's even trying to pretend he's Barack Obama. It's time for a reality check.

Jack’s problem is that there’s an obstacle in his way: the Liberal Party of Canada. He knows he can’t get anywhere until he tears down the Liberals. So time and time again, he’s undermined initiatives he claims are important to him and allowed Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to cancel programs and tear up agreements that should be at the core of any progressive government.

He forced the 2006 election and campaigned to defeat the Liberal government, knowing full well that Harper’s Conservatives would cancel the Kelowna Accord and the National Early Learning and Child Care agreements, and abandon the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

Since then, Jack Layton has done everything in his power to condemn Liberal policies, even those that are supported by the progressive thinkers he admires. Jack claims to be serious about the climate change crisis, but environmental leaders like David Suzuki have said the Liberal green shift plan is exactly the right thing to do.

Jack’s positioning is not principled. It is aimed at advancing his own political ambitions, even if, time and again, that means real setbacks for the people he claims to be helping. Thankfully, there are many former New Democrats who see through this tactic, and know how short-sighted and counterproductive this approach really is.

As for Jack Layton's delusion about being Barack Obama, he could not be further from the mark. If there is an analogy to be made, it's with Ralph Nader, whose candidacy for the US presidency in 2000 was perhaps most responsible for George Bush’s narrow win over Al Gore.

There is only one viable alternative to the Conservatives: a Liberal government under the intelligent, principled leadership of Stéphane Dion. Please support us in building a richer, fairer, greener Canada. Don’t let Jack Layton and Stephen Harper hold us back any longer.


Bob Rae,
Liberal Party of Canada

Hey, little potty mouth Bobby, you got mail!

Dear Bob Rae,

Jack Layton says he wants to be Prime Minister. You can't say that, because your new and improved party rejected you as its leader. It is understandable that you'd be bitter bitter bitter. It's time for a reality check.

Your problem is that there are obstacles in your way: Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff. You know you can’t get anywhere until you tear down the leader, and his deputy, too. So time and time again, you've played the mean boy vainly attempting to undermine the initiatives of your former party, which you occasionally claim are important to you, and allowed Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to behave like a majority, by sitting on your hands, skipping Parliament with your buddies, and crying that it's all the NDP's fault.

You refuse to stand up for issues that should be core values for any progressive.

Instead, you hop around, whining that leader Jack Layton forced the 2006 election and campaigned to defeat the Liberal government, knowing full well that Harper’s Conservatives would cancel the Kelowna Accord and the National Early Learning and Child Care agreements, and abandon the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

But, you know, not everyone buys into the notion that the Liberals are Canada's natural governing party. I know it hurts you to read this. I write it for your own good.

Acknowledging the complexity of democracy will be a good first step to healing from this wound.

Since then, Jack Layton has done everything in his power to introduce NDP policies and positions, even those that are supported by the progressive thinkers he admires. He and his MPs even go to the House of Commons and vote on bills! And votes of confidence! Against the Conservatives!

Jack claims to be serious about the climate change crisis, doing strange things like getting legislation introduced, debated, and passed in Parliament.

Jack’s positioning is principled. I know you don't like to hear it, but this is good for you, Bob.

You are too focused on advancing your own political ambitions, even if, time and again, that means real setbacks for the people you claim to be helping. Thankfully, there are many Canadians who see through this increasingly desperate, escalating tactic, and know how short-sighted and counterproductive this approach really is.

You will never be leader of the Liberal Party, sweetie. Say this to yourself a few times. Then look in the mirror, say it again, followed by the sentence, "I am worthy of love, and don't require control of others to receive it."

As for your delusion about being prime minister some day, you could not be further from the mark. If there is an analogy to be made, it's with Don Quixote, whose problem with windmills wasn't really that environmentally sound, was it?

There is only one viable alternative to the Conservatives: trouble is, it's the Canadian people who will decide who that will be. Not you. Not the vile, elitist, Liberal party, with all its submerged and barely hidden vendettas between its various power-hungry factions, now willing to play nice for the next couple of weeks before bringing the knives out for the intelligent, principled leadership of Stéphane Dion.

Please help yourself. Don’t let Jack Layton and Stephen Harper hold you back any longer. Grow up. Trust Canadians and this thing called democracy. And, if you don't like our antiquated system and how it skews things, be a bit more active in bringing about electoral reform.

That would be great!


One Little Canadian
So Tired of Liberal Nastiness

H/T writer

P.S. That sure no way to win back old friends and loved ones

P.S. We don't think you're anti-NDP hate message was for us. Are you revving up your lib leadership campaign - et tu Brutus?

P.S.S. We're stickin' with the NDP - watch carefully - have some fun - life's too short!

p.s.s.s We love THE STASH so we're taken out the trash

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Dion calls for NDP votes - ringgggggggggg

Dion the dud was in Vancouver yesterday and trying to rally the troops. He had a funny way of trying to get folks to strategically vote for him. A vote for Layton is a vote for Harper. Really?

I think it was the other way around but maybe this election is scrambling my brain

It wasn't the NDP who spent the last 2 and 1/2 years keeping Harper in power. But, but, but....


He told the good folks of BC that NDP and Greens won't have their goals met if Harper stays in power. I don't know, I thought the Dion Liberals did a pretty good job of helping Harper meet his right-wing agenda the past couple of years. But I don't know.

Dion than got to the LIBERAL integrity part: "I'm asking that NDP voters ask themselves

"Do you think you will have a prime minister more committed to fight poverty than me?"

Do you think Stephen Harper has a plan to have more child care here in Canada?"


But then we don't trust liberal promises "recycled" over and over again from those famous liberal redbooks ~ circa 1993, 1997, and 2000 either.

This must have been what Dion meant in the debate about if you elect Liberals "you will have fun!"


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Choosing WORK SHIRTS over sweaters and satchels

Whose the leader?

There are more than 2 choices of leadership in this election. But one would never know it when reading another pro-liberal "puff" piece in the Toronto Star.

Make no mistake Layton wants the job for MP and has the presence to do it.

Performance Record

  • clearly showed during the English debate who was present and up for the PM job. 43 TIMES under Dion's leadership the liberals abstained and/or voted with the Harper agenda - giving them a de facto majority

Environmental Record

  • Layton doesn't have to defend his record on getting things done for the environment as it speaks for itself. It was Layton and the New Democrats who led the charge to clean up the Cons "unclean air act." Dion had to be dragged, with May shouting from the sidelines that it was a waste of time. But New Democrats have a good track record of working across party lines and getting things done. It was Layton and the progressive NDP who proposed and passed with the support of the Liberals and BLOC a series of comprehensive changes to Bill C-30 - Kyoto-Plus and laid down the science-based targets and timelines. To be blunt, Layton has the environmental record and Dion does not.

Economic Record

  • New Democrats actually have a lot better record in office handling finances than either Liberal and Conservatives, and remember Rae is with the Dion Liberals. New Democrats' performance records of provincial and territorial governments for the past 21 years (looking at surplus/deficit numbers) are better. NDP governments kept the books in the black 48% of the years they governed while Conservatives kept them in kept them in the black for 41% and Liberals kept them in the black ONLY 23% of the time. And remember folks Bob Rae is with the Liberals now. Of course I won't forget to mention that Tommy Douglas kept Saskatchewan in the black, balancing the budget 17 times and brought in public health care to boot!
Solid Plan
  • Only Layton is willing to restore corporate tax levels to the same level set by the Martin Liberals instead of resorting to harmful "cutting of social programs" as a way to pay for the New Democrat platform. Meanwhile Mr. Dion says he has a plan but "talking with others" is not a plan. And liberals in power have a long history of cutting social programs, cutting social transfers to the provinces, and giving taxcuts to those who have enough. And we know that Harper has no plan except "let them eat cake."

I'd choose the work shirt over sweaters and shatchals any day. That is the only strategic choice!

Only Layton is up for the job - Not only does he have "presence" but integrity and empathy to boot!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kitchen vs. Boardroom Table - Pull up a chair

Turns out Steven Harper wasn't hiding his platform under his sweater after all. Nope, it was right under the noses of those corporate high rollers in the financial district of Bay Street.

In a ballroom of all places. Who would have thought it.

Peterborough Politics was thinkin something was wrong with that picture.

"Hell, all that was missing was a shiny big boardroom table"

Well here yeah go!

Funny, most ordinary folks don't see themselves at that table. Their cupboard looks pretty bare except for the "few"

And I'm also pretty confused about this card table.

It keeps getting shifted from room to room.

Or more stuff gets stacked on it.

But at the end of the day it ends up always getting folded up and stowed in the backroom.

Well until the next election cycle

Most ordinary folks I know, well, they like to hang around the kitchen table.

Pull up a chair.... Make yourself comfortable.... We want you to feel right at HOME

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stumpin Tom: Stickin With the NDP

Stumpin Tom got a tip for you - I'm stickin with the NDP.

And what's good for Uncle Tom is good for Canada

The only strategic VOTE IS FOR THE Layton New Democrats - just way too cool!

Friday, October 03, 2008

There is No Debate who is the Strong Alternative - Jack Layton's New Democrats

There is NO debate that Jumpin' Jack was more than Flash

Knock out punch of the night, without doubt, without debate - Layton set Dion Straight

"If you can't do your job as Opposition leader, I don't know what you are doing running for Prime Minister."

There is only one STRONG ALTERNATIVE, don't yeah know!