Friday, January 02, 2009

Conservative mind: Let's remove the safety net

MONTE SOLBERG, former MP of both Conservative and Reform Parties, brings out his neoconservative thinking and stereotypes, in Let's rescue everyone. He provides us with one good reason to vote "no confidence" come January 27, 2009.

We don't want reformers anywhere near "reforming IE".

Not ones to shy away from essentially "welfare bashing" mode and of course, disinformation that always plays so well to their ignorant base, in one respect, why remaining silent and abetting on corporate welfare (rewarding failure by giving more taxcuts and bailouts). this mindset will use the 21st century recession/depression to ensure those lazy unemployed "ride the rails" once again.

That's not to say that this wouldn't be popular with some people. For some, EI is part of the circle of life. You are born, you get EI for 40 years, you die, and then as a lovely parting gift you get more EI.

These people will argue that they pay into it so they should be entitled to receive it again and again, but their math is very bad. They pay a few hundred dollars into it in a year, and then somehow convince themselves that they are then entitled to take out $20,000 in benefits, and they expect it year after year.

Bernie Madoff has been arrested for running a massive Wall Street pyramid scheme. In Canada a government mandated pyramid scheme is the cornerstone of one our largest social programs, Employment Insurance.

Solbery forgets to mention that most folks can't collect although they have to pay into this INSURANCE FUND.

Solbery wants to change IE all right - along the lines of the degrading and penalizing "welfare for work" mindset:
It should provide incentives for workers to stay employed and for employers to keep them employed. There should be incentives to re-train and to relocate for new jobs. Benefits should be the same across the country. There should be rewards for those who remain employed. There should absolutely be a two-week waiting period.
Solbery thinks that folks during these times are leaving work to collect - not. Retraining great if there are actual jobs to go to, but that is the bad thing about depressions, there is little or no "paid work" available.

Solbery throws in a little protestant work ethic with this zinger:
The government can make the transition easier but the other 90% of the solution needs to come from determined men and women who resolve to come out of this better and stronger.
The idea he seems to have in mind is to create a cohert of desperate workers having to create crappy jobs with employers who get the money to hire workers. Now that is paternizing.
EI benefits are at best a necessary but temporary help; at worst they destroy initiative and kill creativity, a false friend if ever there was one.
I don't want any conservatives near the rejigging of EI. Take note bank bailouts came with no strings attached and yet it was their corporate mentality that sunk the greedy capitalist ship.

For the deckhands, it's "walk the plank."

Time to give the Cons the heave ho - Conservatives out, Coalition or bust 2009.
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