Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quebecers want coalition: Poll

Liberal/NDP coalition increasing in popularity

Reported today,
According to the Nanos Research survey provided exclusively to The Canadian Press, Quebecers overwhelmingly said the Liberals and NDP should be given a chance to form a coalition government, propped up by the Bloc Quebecois.
This is a big movement in popularity, although

But a majority of westerners and a plurality of respondents everywhere else favoured calling an election immediately.

Overall, 49 per cent said an election should be called versus 42 per cent who said Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean should invite the opposition parties to form a coalition.

Take note,

In Quebec, 62 per cent wanted the opposition parties to have a chance to govern, while 30 per cent wanted an election called.

Those numbers were reversed in western Canada, where 65 per cent wanted an election and only 29 per cent favoured an opposition coalition.

Ontario and Atlantic respondents were more closely split, with 46 per cent and 49 per cent respectively favouring an election. Forty per cent in both regions favoured a coalition government.

If we consider that Ontario & Quebec have the most population and seats in the House of Commons, and take 40 per cent & 65 per cent combined, we are now over 50 per cent in favourable.

Nanos suggested,

Nanos attributed Quebecers' continuing enthusiasm for the coalition to their growing disenchantment with Harper and the Tories.

"There's probably a greater appetite in that province to see an alternative."

Moreover, he said Quebecers who park their votes with the separatist Bloc Quebecois likely see the coalition as a way to get a better deal for Quebec.

However, I do QUESTION THIS ASSUMPTION (why don't they ask the question instead of wandering)

"(They) wouldn't mind kind of dislodging the federal Conservatives and putting the Bloc in position to exercise more influence."

But Nanos noted that giving more influence to separatists is precisely what worries Canadians outside Quebec, particularly in the West.

I would ponder that Quebecers don't want to give more influence to separatists but have more influence towards progressive politics.

Of course, Westerners might be more inclined towards the coalition govt if Harper and misinforming Conservative and corporate owned media didn't purposely say the coalition government was

illegitimate, anti-democratic and akin to a coup d'etat - even though experts said it was perfectly constitutional.
Getting out and promoting the coalition out West would influence public opinion, and soften resistance, and increase support.

And actually voting non-confidence on January 26/09, and affirming to the GG that there is an alternative stable govt would save Canadians 300 million dollars, enough to jump start the economy, and process those EI claims faster.

Oh, and there's nothing better in winning hearts & minds by actually being in power and showing Canadians that coalition governments are viable and good for Canadians!

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