Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conservatives Incompetence on a Historic Scale - But Liberals were their enablers

Shorter Screaming headlines - Liberals go for Flaherty's jugular & Flaherty should be fired for $50B deficit: Grits & Flaherty must go, opposition says. All true but pray tell, the minority govt of Harper's Conservatives couldn't have got the Canadian economy into such a dismal state without the willing help of the liberals.

50 Billion in deficit (and growing) is what happens when Liberals have been doing this since 2006.

71 confidence votes - keep up the "bad works" and massive hypocrisy!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ignatieff - I swear I am a Canadian

Shorter - changing historical musing - one liberal moment at a time. Wells walking down liberal memory lane, and oh, well
In fact, I know people who are ready to go to the wall to defend Ignatieff today, when he is the only serviceable weapon at hand against Stephen Harper, against an argument they were using themselves against Ignatieff in 2006, when they preferred other Liberal leadership candidates. Those people may well have changed their minds. Or they may be preferring hope to consistency.
That said, there are other more "serviceable weapons" who need not profess to being Canadian, who do know their Canadian history (without revision), and know their Canadian roots.

Iggy's played up "victimhood" and Liberal "over the top outrage" is all too rich when walking down "not too old" memory lane.

And those who forget their history end up repeating it!
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