Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Steeltown Gal shows who rules the debate

Horwath held her own debating the men, pushed the party platform, and proved she was a “Steeltown Scrapper,” said her election team, which now includes Kathleen Monk, former communications director to the late NDP leader Jack Layton.

Meanwhile, NDP leader Horwath “calls for change” – and is heard loud and clear

The winner of CP24′s online poll (“Horwath: 42%, McGuinty: 34%, Hudak: 25%,” tweeted CP24), Andrea Horwath’s star is on the rise – and the press have taken note.

And over at the Global News Toronto Horwath impresses: exclusive new poll

Premier Dalton McGuinty was the winner of Tuesday night's Ontario leaders' debate, according to an exclusive new poll, but it was NDP leader Andrea Horwath that really impressed the voters.

In an online survey conducted by Ipsos Reid for Global News, 33 per cent thought the Liberal leader performed the best, while 29 per cent favoured Horwath, and 25 per cent thought PC leader Tim Hudak won the debate.
Like Jack, Horwath has got our Orange mojo going

Horwath also came out on top in other areas, with 35 per cent agreeing that she offered the best ideas and policies in the debate. That was 10 points higher than in the pre-debate poll. One in three (32%) thought McGuinty led in the policy department, while 27 per cent thought Hudak had the best ideas.

The NDP leader was also picked as the most likeable after the debate by a majority (52%) of those polled. That was also up from the pre-debate impression, where only 44 per cent thought she was the most likeable.
So those shoes are made for walking and that is just what they are going to do!