Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wind turbines churn rural votes -

Wind turbines churn rural votes -
yeah, my rural home town
KINCARDINE – Standing beside her solar paneled roof, with fields of soybeans stretching across the Bruce County countryside, Jutta Splettstoesser explains her commitment to wind energy.
(the same family who were witnessed removing "stop the industrial turbine signs" off private property of others), so ethics isn't her strong suit to say the least!


It’s an issue that pits neighbour against neighbour, Liberals against the opposition parties and, those who get money from the turbines against those who don’t.

And in a close election, it could tip enough votes in some rural ridings to make the difference between winning and losing.

At stake is the future of the Liberals’ Green Energy Act, which has given Ontario a strong push toward renewable energy. The Conservatives say they’d gut it; the New Democrats would significantly change it.


The anti-wind forces have coalesced around Wind Concerns Ontario, headed by John Laforet – a Scarborough resident who came to the issue fighting Toronto’s Hydro’s proposal to plant turbines in Lake Ontario off the Scarborough Bluffs.
You see in Grey-Bruce and Huron-Bruce, the progressives broke from Wind Concerns because former Liberal Laforet is pumping for the Hudak Cons and we all know how this is going to turn out - badly - why?

LOOKY, LOOKY what the PC Candidate Thompson had to say through her Conservative handlers (can't the little lady speak for herself - lol)

Conservative candidate Lisa Thompson declined an interview but sent a statement saying wind power is expensive and, at the moment, unneeded. It also tramples local planning authority, she said.

Take note of the wishy-washy, back peddle in the future 2 small words here - AT THE MOMENT. That's right folks but it allows for Conservatives who in the real world love everything corporate and oh the overriding rights of the property owner to do whatever the hell they want on their property, including putting up big honking industrial wind turbines with gas as the backup!

So what do the NDP candidates have to say- sure sounds better and in their real voices - no duck tape for these candidates -

NDP candidate Grant Robertson, a former president of the National Farmers Union, argues the Liberals have alienated rural residents by allowing wind project developers to ignore local opinion.

In one project in his own area, he said, “consultation amounted to literally a postcard in the mail that says: Here’s what we’re doing.”

In neighbouring Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, NDP candidate Paul Johnstone plays the country-city card, couching the issue in terms of local autonomy:

“Why can’t they put turbines in industrial parks in the city?” he asks “Those people in Toronto tell us how things have to be up here.”

Both the New Democrats and Conservatives promise more local input on wind developments.

New Dems say let local communities make their own decisions & also we need to take back control of energy and put it in the hands of the people - public ownership!

So stay out of rural please - oh wait, keep it up Laforet (Pres of Wind Concerns which was taken over by the Ontario PCs but they don't tell you that) and make sure you keep pimping for the Cons because

Aggressive campaigns can backfire. (and reflect on the candidate you are supporting)

Who wants to vote for a candidate associated with those "GOONS"! And anger....

VOTE NDP for progressive energy policy!