Tuesday, May 31, 2011

McGuinty calls on Harper to abolish Senate - thestar.com

McGuinty calls on Harper to abolish Senate - thestar.com

“It’s interesting that the McGuinty Liberals are finally saying what New Democrats have been saying for a long time, which is it’s time to abolish the Senate,” said Leader Andrea Horwath. “Let’s face it, the senators are a bunch of Liberals and Conservatives that are sitting around for lots and lots of money and not doing very much and we really do need to get rid of that upper chamber.”

Good on McGuinty - time to get rid of it! It's just another money trough for party bagmen & those who couldn't get elected!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dozens of pages disappear from intelligence file on Tommy Douglas

Dozens of pages disappear from intelligence file on Tommy Douglas

"Was this embarrassing revelation one of the reasons why CSIS wanted the memo withheld?"

The material released to date shows that the RCMP Security Service shadowed Douglas for more than three decades, attending his speeches, analysing his writings and eavesdropping on private conversations. His links to the peace movement and Communist party members were of particular interest.

The government maintains full disclosure of the Douglas file would jeopardize the country's ability to detect, prevent or suppress "subversive or hostile activities" and could give away secrets of the spy trade.

Jim Bronskill, a reporter for The Canadian Press, launched a court challenge in 2009 after the federal information commissioner agreed with the government that most of the dossier should be kept under wraps.

Canadian icon is "subversive" & was involved in "hostile activities" like the peace movement - oh please! What's hostile is endless war in the middle east to support war toys & oil related goodies!

thanks Jim - may the rest of the pages show up & show what political/govt corruption is really all about when you threaten the powerful & moneyed!

Grit party president must go | Columnists | Opinion | Ottawa Sun

Grit party president must go | Columnists | Opinion | Ottawa Sun

but much more revealing than the con't internal wars of the Liberal Party of Canada is

Who do the Liberals really really represent?

Because, truly, if there is a Canadian political person who richly deserves to be fired, it’s Apps. Among other things, the bespectacled, chain-smoking, millionaire Toronto corporate lawyer literally presided over the biggest disaster in the history of the Liberal Party.
As the blame game con'ts in the Liberal Party of Canada perhaps more telling & signalling for all Canadians to see is that for years liberals didn't represent you and me and our neighbours but the rich, the corporations, and the elitist urbanites.

Going down memory lane shows that Liberals had no problem acclaiming Mr. Money Bags - Apps - a few years ago & ditto for Iggy. Hmm ....


This insider (or want to be insider) was pissed that Apps actually publicly spoke
In April, and while the campaign was underway, Apps popped by the CBC to tell an astounded Evan Solomon: “When Tories say we’re increasing taxes, damn right we are!”
lordy lordy let's not be honest here because we don't want our blue blooded liberal voters to get cold feet because they might just walk away & vote for the other Conservative Party!

And they did!

But, but are you suggesting the Liberal Party didn't mean it or what?

Meanwhile other Progressive voters who finally caught onto the Liberal shell game - fake left & rule right voted for the real deal!


So just be honest here: isn't the real reason this Liberal strategist wants to get rid of Pres Apps who is the caricature of entitlement, elitist, rich & corporatist - and represents the real face of The Liberal Party of Canada!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

TheStar Walkom: The European crisis the G8 didn’t address

TheStar Walkom: The European crisis the G8 didn’t address

At last year’s G8 meeting in Huntsville, Harper helped to persuaded his fellow summiteers to endorse fiscal restraint. It was the wrong remedy then. It remains so today. Yet, bizarrely, it is the only option being considered.

Even with unemployment in the continent’s southern tier countries skyrocketing (Spain’s youth jobless rate, for instance, is 45 per cent), the European Central Bank remains obsessively focused on encouraging fiscal restraint.

Struggling governments are told that if they get their finances under control, businesses will flock to invest. But that isn’t happening. Business people, quite rationally, figure it’s a bad bet to invest in countries where the social tensions and low incomes created by joblessness are high.

Politically, this is a situation that cannot last. Unemployed Spanish young people are defying the law to camp out in central Madrid. Greece’s main opposition party no longer backs the government’s debt reduction plan.

Same old, same old! Reminds me of the same old solution used initially during the great depression - same old tired ideas of slash & burn in which again, the moneyed class make out like bandits, induce corporate welfare for them but tough love and hard times for the rest!

It's time again to quit listening to the global economic casino players who always create the money problems but never suffer as a consequence. Speculators should be jailed for one instead of rewarded. Economies should work for people and not the other way around.

Is that simple concept too hard to understand? No, but the few with the money, power and resources, and corporate media supporters aren't interested in changing the order - same old, same old - that always & forever works for them!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh What a night - May 2nd 2011

We are loosened upon the world so get over it, or better still, liberal press need to get over themselves! So yesterday's news!

And liberal press need to so get over themselves!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Canadians content with new Parliament | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Canadians content with new Parliament | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Canadians seem to have little in the way of buyer's remorse when it comes to the radically re-shaped House of Commons they elected on May 2, a new poll done exclusively for Sun News Network shows.


A healthy majority of Canadians are "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with the idea of an NDP official Opposition; the Liberals as the "third party" in Parliament; the elimination of the Bloc Quebecois as an official party in the House of Commons; and the election of the country's first-ever Green Party MP.


But, just as they were during the election campaign, Canadians remain sharply divided when it comes to their satisfaction with the idea of a majority Conservative government, according to the poll by Abacus Data Inc.

Abacus found 46% were somewhat or very satisfied with the majority Conservative government, while 41% were somewhat or very unsatisfied with that particular result.

Voter support for the Conservatives remains at 40%, Abacus found, which is the same level of popular support Stephen Harper's party received on May 2.


But since May 2, NDP popular support has grown to 33% from 31% on election day.



Meanwhile, Liberal popular support continues to shrink, down to 16% from 19% on election day.

The news of sagging Liberal support comes out the day after the national party selected Ontario MP Bob Rae as its interim leader.

OUCH ~ OKAY it's "hug a Liberal Day"!


The NDP won't stop until we get her done!

Why New Democrats won’t stop - The Globe and Mail

Why New Democrats won’t stop - The Globe and Mail

Not entitled & New Democrats won't stop!

Elites and rentiers always believe that their privileges are their property. But all around the world, throughout history and in many countries, citizens have taught their betters that – ultimately, one way or another – it is citizens who will be the judge of who is fit for office, and who will win office.

Canada's eastern establishment doesn't like that change very much.


Canada's New Democrats have vaulted over Parliament's separatists and over its reserve conservative party to capture the Official Opposition bench.


The electors have spoken and New Democrats are the Official Opposition - a strong 103 Opposition!


So our friends (the folks used to running things) are going to stop ignoring us. They will shortly stop laughing. And then they're going to fight.

New Democrats should welcome this – it is how Canada's entitled are going to inadvertently communicate to the people of Canada that the NDP is close to victory. We won't be hearing about “don't waste your vote” any more. Now it's going to be “don't make a terrible mistake”.

And the NDP will not stop until the job is done!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TheStar Walkom: Reading the tea leaves on McGuinty’s jail closings

TheStar Walkom: Reading the tea leaves on McGuinty’s jail closings

So whether it's "Green Washing" with industrial windmills that support dirty oil and screw rural communities into divided communities or close local jails thus throwing away good paying local union jobs the Liberals are toast in my neck of the woods!

In normal times, the Lucknow Sentinel wouldn’t place a political story from Walkerton on its front page. Walkerton is not Lucknow. It is 41 kilometres away.

The fact that the Sentinel did so this time suggests that jail closings are reverberating — in this case throughout a riding (Huron-Bruce) currently held by the Liberals. The closings say something about the McGuinty government. What they say will not help him in the fall election.

Many progressives in my neck of the woods do not see green but see another corporate welfare endorsing & supporting - the provincial liberals - party ignoring local sensibilities!

TheStar Harper to axe political subsidies

TheStar Harper to axe political subsidies

Harper's alternate screwed up reality ~

During the campaign, Harper blamed public funding for the climate of endless campaigning.

“It is partly in my view, this per-vote subsidy, this enormous cheque that just keeps piling into political parties every month whether they raise any money or not that means we’re constantly having campaigns,” Harper said.

The only party doing endless campaigning was the HarperCons but I'm sure he just says this stuff because he knows the MSM will never challenge his alternate reality!

And no, increasing the limit brings USA style of fundraising - do we really only want the moneyed class buying elections and parties?

“It’s going to hit us hard,” Garneau said. “We will be faced with a reality, not just the threat.”

Liberals will, however, press for an increase in individual donation limits if Conservatives do end the subsidy, he said.

“If individuals want to give more than the $1,100, that’s something that should be discussed,” he said.

Oh wait, who do the Liberals actually represent in their fake progressiveness? Hint ~ those with bucks!

Unlike the NDP who “have a long and storied history of raising money 20 bucks at a time from working people and prairie farmers.”

Sunday, May 22, 2011


$9M cabinet cost looms as Tories look to slash budget - thestar.com

Conservatives are such public purse wasters - always have been and even more so today!

The annual salary bill for all the ministers and junior ministers appointed last week is about $9 million — the largest on record.

Of course that is when "the Conservatives are looking to slash $4 billion from the bureaucracy and billions more in the coming years to balance the books."

And that's after The Conservatives quietly approved increases in the maximum salaries political staff are entitled to receive. Remember they sleazily made those changes that went into effect April 1, even though Harper had announced budget cuts to eliminate the federal deficit one year ahead of schedule, in 2014-15.

So it's so NeoCon of them - create a crisis, slash & burn, and repeatedly say they are fiscally competent - NOT!


Is that what Canadians voted for? oink!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The untold story of the 2011 election: Chapter 5 - Paul Wells - Macleans.ca

The untold story of the 2011 election: Chapter 5 - Paul Wells - Macleans.ca

“It’s whether we elect parliamentarians to bicker or build that will be the defining issue of our time,” Jack Layton said at the Toronto convention where he became NDP leader on Jan. 26, 2003. “And we say, let’s build.”

Kudos for prescience, then. (The same weekend, Layton also said, “Canadians must rise up.” Spooky.) But when the building finally paid off and the rising began, it was in Quebec. There are reasons for that. Neither the weakness of the Bloc Québécois nor the NDP’s ability to capitalize on it came out of nowhere. Indeed, the NDP’s attempt to reach out to Quebec francophones is as old as the party itself.

Yeah, rise up & Canadians did for the NDP!

Most definitely a rapture moment for progressives!

Friday, May 20, 2011

'Man Who Wasn't There' surfaces in Ottawa as newly minted Tory MP - Yahoo! News

'Man Who Wasn't There' surfaces in Ottawa as newly minted Tory MP - Yahoo! News

A local student group revealed during the campaign that his "MA in Political Economy" and "advanced PhD studies in Constitutional Law" came from tiny George Wythe University. It's located off the side of a highway in Cedar City, Utah, and is not accredited to grant recognized degrees.

The school was founded in 1992 by a man who argued that The Book of Mormon contains "all the necessary fields of study, at levels from kindergarten to doctoral studies ... both for religious and secular education."

Hillyer, who also has a BA in philosophy from the University of Lethbridge, said the complaints about his credentials come from "bitter people grasping at straws and finding anything."


In the book of Mormon does it advocate being dishonest - no - didn't think so! Back to bible school for you!

full-employment practices - What a novel idea!

TheStar Olive: America, the world’s sweatshop

shorter - "The irony here is that employee denigration does not work. German manufacturing pay averages 50 per cent higher than that of the U.S. Yet Germany enjoys a massive trade surplus. And America suffers a ruinous trade deficit, for all its disdain of European-style full-employment practices. "

But our newly elected Conservative Govt loves all things American - particularly Republican stupidity because government is not for the people but for CORPORATISM!

Time to crawl out from under the rock & dispense with Conservative dogma!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scott Stinson on the Cabinet: Harper plays Canadians for suckers | Full Comment | National Post

Scott Stinson on the Cabinet: Harper plays Canadians for suckers | Full Comment | National Post

He didn’t like doing these things, you see, but they just had to be done. Couldn’t be helped. Hold your nose, look away, and await the day when this unpleasantness was no longer necessary.

That day was supposed to have arrived on May 3. But as Wednesday morning’s events in Ottawa have made brazenly clear, the Prime Minister is not about to do a damn thing differently. Those of us who thought he might? There’s a word for that: suckers.

More afterthought on Senate appts for losers!

There is no other way to view Wednesday’s announcements other than that they are pillow-soft landing spots for Tory cronies who failed to land jobs on May 2.

Conservative governments have always been about bigger is better & fiscal wasters!

And yet they, too, were a further sign that Mr. Harper is not interested in taking his majority mandate and using it to make the kind of changes in government that he used to once advocate. A 39-member Cabinet, nearly the largest in the country’s history, for the party of small government.

Exclamation Mark!

But if this is the way the Prime Minister chooses to begin his majority rule, in one hypocritical, undemocratic, and unaccountable swoop, then there’s another conclusion to reach: maybe these are his principles.


LOL - And corporations are laughing all the way to the bank--- AGAIN!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Harper-s pressor - Losers R US!

What's wrong PM - aren't you proud of your losers? Once again Harper gives the finger to Canadians!

PM rewards three defeated Conservatives with Senate seats - The Globe and Mail
How to become a senator under Harper? Show that the people don't want you to represent them. Another way Harper shows his contempt for the Canadian people.

Stephen Harper wasted no time in bringing back three defeated
, appointing former Quebec cabinet minister Josée Verner to
the Senate
and reappointing Larry Smith and Fabian Manning.

after he finished answering questions from reporters about his cabinet
shuffle, the Prime Minister’s Office sent out a release announcing the
three appointments. So Mr. Harper did not have to address the issue in

Isn't it time those losers got off the govt dole and got real jobs!

TheStar Walkom: Read this report before you slag Canada’s healthcare system

TheStar Walkom: Read this report before you slag Canada’s healthcare system

And it points out that the countries with some of the worst health outcomes are often those with the most poverty.

That Canada has the second-highest level of infant mortality among advanced nations may have little to do with our health care system and much to do with the fact that our poverty rate is almost as high as America’s.

So the widening income gap between rich and poor means more poor infants die. Also since the report mainly focuses on the private system of the USA, it actually shows that 2-tier is way too costly and increases negative outcomes. With creeping 2-tier healthcare already in our system (we are number 3 now), it actually shows that that change is actually negatively effecting our outcomes.

Thanks Conservatives & Liberals!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Liberals Not So New Initiative ~ Help Build a Better Mousetrap

Help Build a Better Mousetrap

Isn't that called entrapment?

Tommy Douglas had a thing or two to say about that ~ ELECT MICE TO REPRESENT MICE!


Attention on 'Vegas MP' Brosseau over the top: NDP MP Martin | The Hill Times - Canada's Politics and Government Newsweekly

Attention on 'Vegas MP' Brosseau over the top: NDP MP Martin | The Hill Times - Canada's Politics and Government Newsweekly

No kidding

University of Ottawa law professor Errol Mendes agreed, saying her election carries more significance when viewed as part of the spectacular wave of 57 new NDP MPs from Quebec that swept most Bloc Québécois MPs out of office, as well as Liberals.

“I tended not to like the tenor of the attack on her,” Prof. Mendes told The Hill Times. “The massive shift from the Bloc Québécois is the real story, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

And the sore losers who sounded like empty barrels (who make the most noise) well guess what

The only step between Ms. Brosseau and her new status as Member of Parliament for the Quebec electoral district of Berthier-Maskinonge is a swearing-in ceremony within the next few days in a Parliament Hill Centre Block room near the House Speaker’s office.

Congratulations Ms. Brosseau who represents the common people in the House of Commons! Remember a woman's place is in the House!

Monday, May 16, 2011

WESTON: Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks - Yahoo! News

WESTON: Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks - Yahoo! News

The same day Canada publicly refused to join the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, a high-ranking Canadian official was secretly promising the Americans clandestine military support for the fiercely controversial operation.
But even as Chrétien told the Commons that Canada wouldn't participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Canadian diplomats were secretly telling their U.S. counterparts something entirely different.

If the secret U.S. memos cast doubts on Canada's status as a refusenik of the Iraq war, the public also didn't exactly get the whole truth about a group of Canadian soldiers the government admitted were in Iraq.

From the outset, the Chrétien government said a "few" Canadian soldiers embedded with the U.S. and British militaries as exchange officers would be allowed to remain in their positions, even if they wound up in Iraq.

While the revelation caused a ruckus in Parliament, it all sounded relatively innocuous at the time.

But Lang, defence minister McCallum's chief of staff, says military brass were not entirely forthcoming on the issue. For instance, he says, even McCallum initially didn't know those soldiers were helping to plan the invasion of Iraq up to the highest levels of command, including a Canadian general.

That general is Walt Natynczyk, now Canada's chief of defence staff, who eight months after the invasion became deputy commander of 35,000 U.S. soldiers and other allied forces in Iraq. Lang says Natynczyk was also part of the team of mainly senior U.S. military brass that helped prepare for the invasion from a mobile command in Kuwait.

The Department of National Defence refused to comment on Natynczyk's role, if any, in the invasion of Iraq.

Chretien's big lie and Liberal lie ~

"If we change every government we don't like in the world where do we start? Who is next?" Jean Chretien, 2003


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recount gives NDP historic seat total - Politics - CBC News

Recount gives NDP historic seat total - Politics - CBC News

The extra seat ties the NDP with Joe Clark's Progressive Conservatives from 1980 as the largest ever Official Opposition to a majority government.

Another 1st for the Orange Team - WTG Jack & the Orange team in making us proud & standing up for Canadians!

Siddiqui: Advice for Jack Layton from distinguished roster of NDP elder statesmen - thestar.com

Siddiqui: Advice for Jack Layton from distinguished roster of NDP elder statesmen - thestar.com

Egalitarianism instead of Elitism

This does an injustice to the NDP’s long and distinguished track record as the single biggest intellectual and practical force for egalitarianism in Canada.

It was Tommy Douglas’s NDP government in Saskatchewan that pioneered medicare. It was the NDP that put pensions and unemployment benefits on the national agenda. It was the NDP in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia that ushered in affordable public auto insurance, which we could use in Ontario.

Good $$$ Managers of the Public Purse rather treating like a trough

The NDP also has had a solid track record of fiscal prudence.

Allan Blakeney in Saskatchewan (1971-82) produced 12 balanced budgets. When his successor, Tory Grant Devine, left a huge deficit and a $14 billion debt, the NDP’s Roy Romanov (1991-2001) balanced the books. In Manitoba, Ed Schreyer (1969-77) produced surpluses in eight of his nine budgets. When his successor, the Conservative Sterling Lyon, racked up a deficit of $200 million within four years, his NDP successor Howard Pawley cleared it and created a surplus. (Pawley’s memoir, Keep True: A Life in Politics, published by the University of Manitoba Press, has just been released).

Only Bob Rae in Ontario (1990-95) left a big deficit, a legacy of a debilitating recession as well as poor management.

However, I don't necessarily agree with Siddiqui's "Political Mythmaking, Ontario Style" of the Rae years as poor economic managers!

When the Rae government approached the end of its term, Ontario led the way in growth among the provinces and had one of the strongest economies in the G7. Surveys showed strong consumer and business confidence.

Private sector investment was back with billions in capital spending. Labour productivity was at an all-time high, as were manufacturing exports. Health-care costs were under much improved control as part of a broader strategy that was reducing the deficit.

Schreyer, Pawley, Romanow and Stephen Lewis expect and want Layton to do:

Restore civility to Parliament.

Put economic equality front and centre. “It’s in the economic realm that the body politic is hurting,” said Schreyer. After five decades of building an egalitarian society, “we are moving in the opposite direction, with 1 per cent of the population in North America controlling 26 per cent of the wealth, and with unconscionable levels of compensation for the executive echelon. Yet here’s Harper cutting taxes for those already enjoying a standard of living that’s beyond the wildest imagination of most Canadians.”

Define the NDP platform’s cap-and-trade proposal for climate change. Come to grips with a carbon tax.

Try to align Quebecers’ social democratic values more permanently with a federal, as opposed to a separatist, party.

Articulate a foreign policy that would restore Canada’s role in the world, not as a warmonger but as an advocate of peace, human rights and development.

Lead a values debate at home to help reverse the right-wing tilt of our public policy.


H/T to Robert

Strategic Failure « Pundits' Guide to Canadian Federal Elections

Strategic Failure « Pundits' Guide to Canadian Federal Elections


As the designated curmudgeon against Strategic Voting in numerous news stories throughout this election, readers might not be surprised to see me comment on its poor success rate afterwards.

I fully expected to do so, noting the disappointment of the various groups at their incorrect calls and the evident reelection of the Conservative government with a majority mandate.

However, now I'm being told that the groups view their efforts as being a success, and that they're planning to repeat them all over ahead next time. Oh brother. I think we need to be really clear on their record in that case.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recount confirms NDP win over Tory in Quebec riding - thestar.com

Recount confirms NDP win over Tory in Quebec riding - thestar.com

Another seat for the Orange Team! And one less for the Blue Team!

A judicial recount has confirmed an NDP victory in the northeast Quebec riding of Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Riviere-du-Loup.

Conservative incumbent MP Bernard Genereux was declared the winner on election night, with a 110-vote lead over the NDP’s Francois Lapointe. However when the result was validated the following day, Lapointe came out on top by five votes.

Congratulations Francois!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harper government can’t ignore NDP demands: Layton - thestar.com

Harper government can’t ignore NDP demands: Layton

NDP Leader Jack Layton, seen here during a press conference on May 3, says the Conservative majority government cannot ignore the demands of his party and the people who voted for it.

“Stephen Harper is practically alone in ignoring the looming retirement security crisis. A majority of the provincial governments have recognized the brewing storm and the overwhelming consensus amongst these provinces is that the most pragmatic, responsible response is to strengthen the guaranteed public pensions,” said Layton, naming both the Canada Pension Plan and its Quebec version.

“All they are waiting for is a federal government that’s ready to act. So far, Stephen Harper has not been a willing partner and so today, I say to all provincial premiers — regardless of which party you represent — when it comes to strengthening pensions, you have an ally in Ottawa.”

“This is a mandate that Stephen Harper would be wise to remember and I think the Canadian people won’t let him forget,” Layton said. “Yes, Stephen Harper has a majority, but he is facing the largest, most united official opposition in 31 years.”

“Canadians elected more New Democrats than ever before, with a clear mandate to put hard-working families first and that’s exactly what New Democrats will fight to do every single day,” Layton said during his first big speech as official opposition leader in Vancouver.

Canada's real electoral map: a surge for the left

The orange tide is nipping on the blue shoreline!

Harper government can’t ignore NDP demands: Layton - thestar.com

Monday, May 09, 2011

Those Who Live in Glass Houses Should Never Throw Stones

The joys of Elections Canada Paperwork | factchecker.ca

The following appeared on the Factchecker website - May 9, 2011:

"Among the biggest sore losers this past week over the NDP orange crush are Liberal candidate and former PLQ MNA Francine Gaudet and Bourassa MP Denis Coderre. They are charging that 90 of newly-elected NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau’s 128 signatures are not valid because they say the candidates name was not at the top of the page when the document was signed. They also say signatories did not know what they were signing for. (In retrospect, some might say that can be a euphemism for the entire NDP surge in Quebec.)

Nomination papers are part of the bureaucratic wonderfulness that is democracy in this country. Every candidate has to collect 100 signatures endorsing their opportunity to represent the riding. In most cases, the candidates are too busy campaigning to collect the signatures so campaign workers go out and collect them on the candidate’s behalf.

In Berthier Maskinonge, defeated Liberal candidate Gaudet and Liberal MP for Bourassa Denis Coderre are saying the person who collected Ruth Ellen’s signatures did a poor job because several do not live in the riding and others did not know what they were signing. These are serious allegations and the two are considering challenging Brousseau’s “crushing” win in court.

Some observers have qualms about how the media and these two veteran politicians are picking on Brousseau. She is under fire for spending part of the campaign in Las Vegas, never having gone to the riding, and not speaking the first language of 99% of the people in the riding. All serious issues but none that should get someone disqualified.

As mentioned above, staffers often collect these signatures in place of the candidates. They witness all the signatures and prepare the document to be submitted to Elections Canada. The three main charges are that several people say they did not sign the paper, other signatures are from those who are not in the riding, and that as Brousseau’s name was not on the document, they did not know what they were signing.

I would like to note that the official Elections Canada document states that you are supporting the candidate listed on page 1 of this nomination form. However, nobody gets shown page 1, partly because it has the candidate’s name, telephone number, and address. In fact even Elections Canada, when preparing the papers, separates the signatures from the other documents.

Many people have never seen nomination papers before, so I decided to go get some to show people what they are like. Coderre’s electoral returning office was a 5 minute drive from my parent’s house so I said what the heck!

Elections Canada vets the signatures and in Coderre’s case, of the 129 signatures collected, 1 was duplicate, and 17 others were flagged because they were not on the electoral list, leaving Coderre with 111 signatures, but still enough to get 100 easily.

I do not plan on calling these 111 people to see if they actually signed this. Many important names appear on this list like the Quebec minister of Education, city councillors, schoolboard officials, etc. They all knew they were signing for Coderre.

One major charge from Gaudet and Coderre is that as the name up there was blank, nobody knew what they were signing. Coderre stated that six of the 11 pages of signatures for Brosseau did not contain her name, which was only added later by an Elections Canada official. (Source: Helene Vastel, Canadian Press)

Coderre’s official documents only have the first page signed. In this case, the Elections Canada official didn’t add his name anywhere. (Note: I circled the name of the candidate on the first page to add emphasis.

Am I saying Denis Coderre should be disqualified because his staff incorrectly filled out some paperwork? No. But the question needs to be asked.
Why are they trying to disqualify a duly elected MP for a staffer’s faulty paperwork when their own staffers cannot even fill out the form properly themselves?

22484 people voted for this single mom from Ottawa, more than voted for any Liberal candidate in all of Quebec. Would any of these people not sign papers endorsing her right to run when 225 times as many people voted for her?"

Anthony Di Domizio

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Accidental Deliberations: Burning question

Accidental Deliberations: Burning question: "And now that we're seeing the full list rather than the half-dozen most sensational examples, is there any serious doubt that the NDP's Quebec slate boasts a higher level of qualification for public office than, say, the Cons' prairie delegation of 51 MPs?"

h/t AD

What's so bad about some fresh blood?

What's so bad about some fresh blood?

First of all, I would rather have a competent barmaid as my MP than another fathead, white-haired lawyer in a Harry Rosen suit. I mean that sincerely. If Parliament's a mess, guess who got us there?

It is said, too, that Brousseau, 27, is a single mother. So, of a young mother working as an assistant manager in a university pub, we can safely say this: she could use the money, the $157K that goes with the job. Good. Better to her than some rich corporate lawyer who lives in a gated mansion.

So congratulations, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, on your victory, not to mention your excellent pan-Canadian name (shades of Pierre Elliott Trudeau).

And have a happy Mother's Day. The new job can wait. So can the stinkin' media. In both official languages.

Yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

And just to drive home what all the "actual" outrage was all about no matter how much the LADIES protest too much!

In Why do we insist on judging mothers?,
this will come as no surprise to any woman in North America who has experienced the “mommy penalty,” which was cleverly proved by a team of sociologists who used faked résumés of two equal candidates – except that one had children and one did not – to test the theory that mothers remain relatively unappealing employees. The researchers found that compared with their child-free counterparts, moms were 100 per cent less likely to be hired, consistently judged as less committed or competent, and offered $11,000 (U.S) less a year in pay.
From all I have read daily for one week was the outrage that underscored the "mommy penalty" mentality!

Yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Her Majesty’s Loyal (orange and pink) Opposition - The Globe and Mail

Her Majesty’s Loyal (orange and pink) Opposition - The Globe and Mail

The media is having a field day feasting on some of the new NDP MPs from Quebec. Cheap thrills. We can be sure that while some will emerge as splendid additions to a House that needs them desperately, others will prove less so. Quelle surprise! But let’s keep our criteria clear here. A cabinet made up solely of these new MPs would be guaranteed to do less harm to the country than the one Stephen Harper names. I’d trade the least of them for Tony Clement any day of the week. And I would teach them about Parliament by having them watch John Baird and instructing them do the exact opposite.

The new kids on the Block will show the adults how to act with decorum!

I hope Le Bon Jack and his new team can help transform Parliament – above all the daily Question Period from the revolting, alienating spectacle it is to something vaguely dignified and positive. I understand that some terrible spell befalls even ordinary human beings when they step foot in that chamber. Still, I beg the NDP caucus to join Elizabeth May’s crusade against stupid heckling. Make us proud of you. If the government is incapable of civility, let Mr. Harper take the rap.

No problem with that since Ed Broadbent, the former NDP leader has also spoke strongly out on the ignorance in the House!



From an angry Quebec electorate, an unmistakable message - The Globe and Mail

From an angry Quebec electorate, an unmistakable message - The Globe and Mail
It didn’t matter for voters where the NDP candidates came from, or whether they had ever set foot in the riding, knocked on their doors, talked to them or even spoke their language. It wasn’t even a clash any more of sovereigntists versus federalists, Quebec versus Ottawa.

All that mattered was that Jack Layton’s NDP represented something novel, something different, triggering a wave of support such as the party has never before experienced. Mr. Layton was perceived as sympathetic and unpretentious. The man people refer to simply as “Jack” appeared to embody the spirit of renewal voters were desperate to embrace.

“We voted for change, we voted for Jack,” said Michel Caron, 50, an unemployed furniture-maker from the small town of Louiseville in the riding of Berthier-Maskinongé, northeast of Montreal. “The other parties offered nothing for us, nothing for the little guy. So we followed the wave, we turned to Jack, who simply went about his business, looked positive, and spoke to our values.”

So yeah, that includes the "new kids in the block"

voted for change - yes we can!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

New Kids on the Block & some

1. Its not as if the people of Berthier-Maskinonge only found out about Ruth Ellen Brousseau's qualifications after the election. Her story was very well publicized BEFORE election. In fact the local tabloid newspaper had several front page stories about how the NDP candidate in the riding lived in Ottawa, was in Vegas and may or may not speak French all that well. This was all HEAVILY publicized in the riding. People decided to vote for her regardless. The public is always right.

2. These stories happen all the time in "sweep elections". When Mulroney went from 1 seat to 58 seats in Quebec in 1984, he also has his share of unexpected MPs - two of his MPs showed up for work in Quebec City instead of Ottawa because they thought they had been elected to the national Assembly and not Parliament and another Tory MP apparently spoke no English OR French! If Ignatieff had caught fire and there had been "Iggy-mania" across Quebec - chances are the new Liberal MP for Manicouagan would be a white supremacist who calls FNs "featherheads". (BTW: The Tory sweep in 1984 also brought in a 23 year old neophyte with no expectation of winning in the riding of Sherbrooke - his name was Jean Charest!)

2. For all the absurd headlines and unsubstantiated charges and the condescending tone of the articles - this is not going anywhere. I read in the Globe that the only possible way that the election could conceivably be invalidated (and even that is debatable) would be if enough of her nomination signatures could be individually challenged and disqualified in Quebec Superior Court. She needed 100 signatures to get nominated. She submitted 128 valid signatures. I hope that the Liberals and BQ and Conservatives have a lot of time and $$$ on their hands to start at least 29 separate lawsuits to invalidate 29 signatures and then convince the judge that its in the public interest to spent half a million dollars on a byelection!

h/t /Stockholm @ Rabble

So let's recap - a 30 years in some single mother in a working-class job (in fact 2 jobs) manages to win a seat in the Block. Voters knew and didn't care. Sounds like Ruth Ellen is a hard worker. Like millions of other Canadians whose demographic and needs are not represented in the esteemed Block.

And she managed to win a seat in Parliament. We should celebrate at least the symbolism of that.

h/t KB @ Rabble

Meet Canada’s youngest MP in history - The Globe and Mail

Meet Canada’s youngest MP in history - The Globe and Mail

Excellent comment posted & needed repeated - often

To all the old folks who are yelling about how this person couldn't bring anything to the table, the real truth is he won't bring anything to the table that represents you. Rather then trying to get your pensions increased and additional benefits for seniors, he will be trying to represent the under-represented age group in areas such as education, job creation, etc. as we will be the ones who bear the vast majority of the costs of seniors for the next 20-30 years. And I know you had to do this for the generation before you, but you did not have the boom. We as a generation are being handed a huge deficit, a huge aging population we need to support while jobs become scarcer (currently at %20+ unemployment for 18-25, with a large number only able to find part time work). It's not any wonder my generation will be almost the first in history who are slated not to outlive the previous generation. Without youth representation, our age group will continue to be screwed, and as a result you will be screwed.

By the way, for those saying 19 year olds have nothing to say:

18 - Mary Shelley writes Frankenstein (The Modern Prometheus), later published when she was 21.
18 - Gary Kasparov, considered the greatest chess player ever, won the U.S.S.R. championship.
19 - Captain Albert Ball, VC, MC, DSO & 2 bars, commences his career as a fighter pilot. By the time he is killed, aged 20, in 1917, he has become one of the First World War's greatest air aces, accounting for at least 44 German aircraft.
19 - was the average age of front-line US service personnel fighting to defend democracy in Indochina during the Vietnam War.
19 - Evariste Galois applies group theory to the unsolvability of polynomial equations, before his death in a duel at age 20.
19 - John D. Rockefeller starts a new company, turning an enormous profit in its first year, and became the most influential businessman in history.
19 - Steve Jobs begins collaborating in electronics with Steve Wozniak in electronics, and developed the personal computer within two years.
19 - Mark Zuckerberg commercializes Facebook, which later became the leading social networking system on the internet.
19 - Jim Ryun broke the world record for running the mile.
20 - Carl Friedrich Gauss makes his first mathematical discoveries, which will lead to the completion of "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae", his magnum opus, at the age of 21.
20 - Willis Carrier invents air conditioning.
20 - Alexander the Great begins conquering the World.
21 - Bill Gates creates Microsoft.

Your hatred is thinly hidden Ageism!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Why I will be voting for NDP candidate Grant Robertson in Huron-Bruce on Monday - not so-called "strategic" voting

On Monday I will be casting my vote for Grant Robertson, the New Democratic Party candidate in my riding of Huron-Bruce - and not voting "strategically" for another candidate whose party I don't support.


First and foremost, the only reason why the NDP and leader Jack Layton are poised to take over Official Opposition status from the Liberal Party of Michael Ignatieff is because NDP voters in hundreds of ridings over dozens of years voted NDP - even when they knew their candidate would likely or surely lose.

The only way a political party can build strength to form the opposition or government is by consistently giving voters a choice - a real choice - with a different philosophy, platform and ideals. And in the NDP's case, a social democratic choice.

Grant Robertson has become one of the most respected and well known voices on agricultural and food policy in Canada. While the elected Ontario Coordinator of the National Farmers Union, Grant traveled the country speaking to farmers, agri-business leaders, and eaters listening and talking about people’s concerns and solutions. Grant made numerous appearances in front of Parliamentary Committees and has met and worked with members of all of Canada’s major political parties on issues ranging from food and agriculture, to energy, health care, education, economic development and many more. Grant also was a guest on a number of radio stations across the country, invited to conferences and meetings held by industry, farm groups and foodies talking about food policy.

Third, strategic voting doesn't work. Alice Funke of PunditsGuide.ca has an excellent article on this titled "Why the Conservatives Love 'Strategic' Voting Sites" that explains it well.

As Alice correctly writes: "A vote 'against' someone or something is a vote in favour of nothing. It gives no mandate to elected officials, creates all the wrong incentives for the politicians who are elected that way, and guarantees that Parliament will descend even further into the partisan barking we see there now."

And in an earlier article in 2008, Alice also did the research, rather than simply pontificate like some media and political observers have, and discovered that: "more of the seats that changed hands in an election had previously been won by margins of more than 5%, than had been won with margins under 5%."

That means the entire strategy of strategic voting is flawed - and in this 2011 election I believe it will be shown again with the NDP's results when the party wins seats in Quebec and elsewhere that were nowhere near that 5% margin.

So my advice in Vancouver Quadra - and in your riding, whether you are an NDP, Liberal, Conservative, Green or other party supporter - is to vote your beliefs.

Your candidate may not win this election - but you won't have to hold your nose in the ballot box - and isn't that what democracy should be about?

Further, and noted noted in a comment from PunditsGuide.ca, well-known political columnist Lawrence Martin is reporting another good reason to reject strategic voting.

Martin writes at iPolitics.ca : "The success of the NDP pays off in other ways for Mr. Harper. It could very well give him more time.

"Liberals tell me they are unlikely to want to enter into any formal arrangement with the NDP to bring down the Harper government and seek the approval of the Governor-General to replace it.

"This would mean the Liberals would be playing second fiddle to the New Democrats under Prime Minister Jack Layton. The optics of that, the Liberals say, would not be in their interests.

“'We’ll want to rebuild our own party,' said one 'and you don’t do that by being seen as a support team for the party has just replaced you as the official opposition.'”

Martin also adds this provocative option in his must-read article: "No one has mentioned another post-election possibility, it being the British example wherein the first place party forms an alliance with the third place party to stay in power.

"In this case it would mean a temporary alliance between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff with the Liberal leader and a few other Grits receiving cabinet posts."

So there you have it - could the Liberal Party that constantly propped up the Harper Conservatives in Parliament for years, under Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, ensure that Harper stays on as prime minister to attempt to salvage their party?

UPDATE: Pundits' Guide states that this is a strong contested race in Central Ontario:

Huron – Bruce - Cons-NDP – Considered a weak incumbent, Conservative M.P. Ben Lobb is facing some stiff competition from unexpected quarters in one of the races that will also leave egg on the faces of the seat predictors and strategic voting sites. I have news for readers: this seat could go NDP, and it's again due to the calibre of candidate recruited by Jack Layton. Ontario NFU director Grant Robertson was nominated the night after the long gun registry vote in Ottawa, and Layton personally attended the meeting to speak about his approach to bridging rural and urban communities to seek changes to the registry that both could support. After last fall's municipal elections, where nominated federal Liberal candidate Charlie Bagnato was badly defeated as mayor of Brockton, area Liberals privately considered whether he should even carry on as their federal candidate. Robertson is winning all the all-candidates debates, and crossover Liberal and Conservative voters in the process, all under the radar of the national media and possibly of the Conservative Party itself. A surprise upset could definitely be in the making.

The only STRATEGIC vote is for Robertson and Layton NDP because a vote for the Liberals is a vote for Harper Conservatives!


H/T Bill Tieleman

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hundreds attend NDP rally in Oshawa

Winning this seat would be hugely symbolic for NDP. This riding was once held by leader Ed Broadbent, whose popularity helped the party win 43 seats in the House of Commons in 1988 — a record unmatched to this day.

Go Jack - the winds of change are blowing through Oshawa! ORANGE CRUSH!