Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Steeltown Gal shows who rules the debate

Horwath held her own debating the men, pushed the party platform, and proved she was a “Steeltown Scrapper,” said her election team, which now includes Kathleen Monk, former communications director to the late NDP leader Jack Layton.

Meanwhile, NDP leader Horwath “calls for change” – and is heard loud and clear

The winner of CP24′s online poll (“Horwath: 42%, McGuinty: 34%, Hudak: 25%,” tweeted CP24), Andrea Horwath’s star is on the rise – and the press have taken note.

And over at the Global News Toronto Horwath impresses: exclusive new poll

Premier Dalton McGuinty was the winner of Tuesday night's Ontario leaders' debate, according to an exclusive new poll, but it was NDP leader Andrea Horwath that really impressed the voters.

In an online survey conducted by Ipsos Reid for Global News, 33 per cent thought the Liberal leader performed the best, while 29 per cent favoured Horwath, and 25 per cent thought PC leader Tim Hudak won the debate.
Like Jack, Horwath has got our Orange mojo going

Horwath also came out on top in other areas, with 35 per cent agreeing that she offered the best ideas and policies in the debate. That was 10 points higher than in the pre-debate poll. One in three (32%) thought McGuinty led in the policy department, while 27 per cent thought Hudak had the best ideas.

The NDP leader was also picked as the most likeable after the debate by a majority (52%) of those polled. That was also up from the pre-debate impression, where only 44 per cent thought she was the most likeable.
So those shoes are made for walking and that is just what they are going to do!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clement's a PORKER

Clement tells mayor that he will defend unorthodox funding arrangements

The day after the summit, Doughty emails Clement to thank him for all he did for the community, and to complain about a New York Times article that suggested many of the beautification projects — including the media-centre-turned-rink — appeared to be done for the political benefit of Clement, who won the riding in 2006 by just 28 votes.

“I am still pissed off with the Ian Austin article,” Doughty writes. “What a negative bastard.”

Truth hurts! Here's more truth


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Salutin: The sector that dares not speak its name -

This cannot be said enough - Change how we think -

We’re now mired in this profiteering, privatizing mentality. It cuts off every alternative viewpoint. Brian Topp is running for NDP leader. The worst the Harper Tories can say about him is, he has “deep union ties” and can’t “speak on behalf of all Canadians.” They don’t say why, it’s taken for granted. But tell me one thing unions have done that was even slightly as damaging as a business class that shipped out good industrial jobs (and factories) to cheap labour zones; or a financial sector that concocted useless and incomprehensible “devices” that contributed to an economic meltdown rivalling the 1930s. Yet no one challenges the ability of people with “deep business ties” to represent us.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wind turbines churn rural votes -

Wind turbines churn rural votes -
yeah, my rural home town
KINCARDINE – Standing beside her solar paneled roof, with fields of soybeans stretching across the Bruce County countryside, Jutta Splettstoesser explains her commitment to wind energy.
(the same family who were witnessed removing "stop the industrial turbine signs" off private property of others), so ethics isn't her strong suit to say the least!


It’s an issue that pits neighbour against neighbour, Liberals against the opposition parties and, those who get money from the turbines against those who don’t.

And in a close election, it could tip enough votes in some rural ridings to make the difference between winning and losing.

At stake is the future of the Liberals’ Green Energy Act, which has given Ontario a strong push toward renewable energy. The Conservatives say they’d gut it; the New Democrats would significantly change it.


The anti-wind forces have coalesced around Wind Concerns Ontario, headed by John Laforet – a Scarborough resident who came to the issue fighting Toronto’s Hydro’s proposal to plant turbines in Lake Ontario off the Scarborough Bluffs.
You see in Grey-Bruce and Huron-Bruce, the progressives broke from Wind Concerns because former Liberal Laforet is pumping for the Hudak Cons and we all know how this is going to turn out - badly - why?

LOOKY, LOOKY what the PC Candidate Thompson had to say through her Conservative handlers (can't the little lady speak for herself - lol)

Conservative candidate Lisa Thompson declined an interview but sent a statement saying wind power is expensive and, at the moment, unneeded. It also tramples local planning authority, she said.

Take note of the wishy-washy, back peddle in the future 2 small words here - AT THE MOMENT. That's right folks but it allows for Conservatives who in the real world love everything corporate and oh the overriding rights of the property owner to do whatever the hell they want on their property, including putting up big honking industrial wind turbines with gas as the backup!

So what do the NDP candidates have to say- sure sounds better and in their real voices - no duck tape for these candidates -

NDP candidate Grant Robertson, a former president of the National Farmers Union, argues the Liberals have alienated rural residents by allowing wind project developers to ignore local opinion.

In one project in his own area, he said, “consultation amounted to literally a postcard in the mail that says: Here’s what we’re doing.”

In neighbouring Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, NDP candidate Paul Johnstone plays the country-city card, couching the issue in terms of local autonomy:

“Why can’t they put turbines in industrial parks in the city?” he asks “Those people in Toronto tell us how things have to be up here.”

Both the New Democrats and Conservatives promise more local input on wind developments.

New Dems say let local communities make their own decisions & also we need to take back control of energy and put it in the hands of the people - public ownership!

So stay out of rural please - oh wait, keep it up Laforet (Pres of Wind Concerns which was taken over by the Ontario PCs but they don't tell you that) and make sure you keep pimping for the Cons because

Aggressive campaigns can backfire. (and reflect on the candidate you are supporting)

Who wants to vote for a candidate associated with those "GOONS"! And anger....

VOTE NDP for progressive energy policy!

Tory MP apologizes for flirty emails to Chinese journalist - Politics - CBC News

Tory MP apologizes for flirty emails to Chinese journalist - Politics - CBC News

In a statement released Friday night, Dechert said he met Shi Rong while doing interviews for Chinese-language media and she became a friend. He said the emails were nothing more than a flirtation: "These emails are flirtatious, but the friendship remained innocent and simply that – a friendship. I apologize for any harm caused to anyone by this situation.”
In his statement, Dechert said Shi's emails "were hacked as part of an ongoing domestic dispute."

Shi elaborated for the Globe and Mail, telling the paper it was her husband who hacked into her account.

OH FORGOT, these apparent intimate correspondence is between

Xinhua News Agency’s chief Toronto correspondent, Shi Rong, and Mississauga–Erindale MP Bob Dechert, who serves as parliamentary secretary to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

okay I'm sure it's all innocent & stuff so let's see:

"You are so beautiful. I really like the picture of you by the water with your cheeks puffed. That look is so cute, I love it when you do that. Now, I miss you even more."

In another 2010 email, Dechert tells Shi to watch CPAC because he will smile for her as he stands to vote in the House of Commons that night. She replies that she will watch for him.

But the last email added more text from Dechert:

Another message dated April 19, 2010, the sender says in the e-mail he was thinking of her while he drove to Ottawa. He encourages Shi to watch him voting on TV or on the CPAC website at 6:30 p.m.

“I will smile at you. I miss you. Love, Bob.”

Nah, I'm not buying this bull now - not born yesterday nor born under a rock!


A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Dechert "denied any inappropriate behaviour. We have no information to suggest otherwise."


Dechert, a lawyer and former president of the Empire Club of Canada, is married to Ruth Clark, according to his personal website.

I normally don't care about this stuff except this is the same "uptight and supposed upright party" who loves to do smear and jeer on other political entities - so they should live by the sword and die by the sword. Hopefully Conservative thumb puppets will be all over this and be "outraged" forever!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

If I had 92 billion dollars

Why I would buy
In the report, Macdonald provides comparisons on what $92 billion could purchase. It could have been used to rebuild the transit systems in each of Canada's 10 largest cities or it could have provided a national childcare program. Or that amount of money could have provided all Canadians with free prescriptions on an annual basis.

"It's a question of whether this money — about $10 billion a year in extra funding — can be better spent in Canada."

So why the heck are we over spending in such high levels of defence spending when we could serve Canadians better rather than the American industrial complex, and ours too!

Oh right,

Harper says 'Islamicism' biggest threat to Canada

Oh please, such a waste of cash for again, the Cons "big fear" card. Homeland security- egads!

So the party of Fear and Anger plan to

Tories to resurrect controversial anti-terrorism laws

And this sounds so fishy to me

Canadians worry terrorists will attack within our borders

Because the vast majority were against the war in Afghanistan so I sure would like a peak at this survey to drill down in the notion that Canadians are all okay with this scary stuff:

. 30 per cent believe that Canada is needlessly losing its sovereignty by harmonizing its security and border policies with the United States and by sharing information on travellers with the American government. In contrast, 70 per cent believe it's a necessary and prudent course of action for Canada to be taking in order to increase security on a North American level.

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.